About Us

We are an event planning company with your lifetime wishes in mind. We plan to match you with someone that shares your life goals, your dreams and create a special bond so that you can find Forever Together.

The Crew

Matthew and Eunice met in 2020 after each suffered a personal tragedy. Eunice is from Eldoret, Kenya and Matthew is from Georgia. We have built a strong bond together and we realized how strong the bond was within the first week of talking. Both of us have testimony that proves that you can live Forever Together with someone special.

Our Philosophy

There is someone out there for everyone. Whether you have tried the app dating, the local dating, or just hoping your soulmate will find you, It should be much easier and we make it easy to find someone that would be compatible with you. It is exactly what you put in. We guide you through the process and help you during your date.


Our Events create an environment where you may talk to each other in person or we may have people from other parts of the world you can interact with and find out if maybe your twin flame exists out there.

Don’t be shy, we will give you a list of questions you ask your potential date so that you can have inspiring and thoughtful conversation.